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TrainingOur training and education provision is an integral part of TEDS work. Raising awareness of the issues around substance misuse works to reduce stigma and challenge negative stereotyping of our service users.

We have a wide range of accredited courses that can be delivered to a variety of ages and abilities in both formal and informal settings.

All our training is delivered by practitioners who work on a daily basis with substance misusers, which gives an added dimension to our training. It also ensures that the information provided is up to date and relevent.

Young People

We feel that giving young people accurate, age appropriate information enables them to make informed choices about substance misuse.

TEDS offers a comprehensive training service to a wide range of groups and individuals in various settings throughout RCT and the surrounding areas. We provide and offer training to local organisations and groups, schools, colleges, universities, social services, youth clubs and other training providers.

Courses range from one-hour sessions to two full days and are designed to meet the needs of learners.

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