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Services we offer


Who could benefit?
Substance misuse can affect families in many different ways. There is often a stigma attached to drug and alcohol misuse that can lead partners, families and friends to feel isolated and reluctant to seek help.

What do we offer?
We can provide advice, information, support and counselling to families or friends of substance misusers. We can help you to develop coping strategies and gain a better understanding of the issues that may affect the user and the carer.

How do you contact us?
We can be contacted directly by telephone, letter or in person. We will offer an appointment at home, our office or a mutually agreeable venue. If the person you are concerned about is a TEDS service user, we will not discuss any aspect of their care with you, whether you are family, a partner or friend unless they give permission to do so. Likewise we will not discuss with the service user anything about the work we may be doing with either family, a partner or friend. Occasionally with the consent of everyone involved we may facilitate joint work with all parties.


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