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TEDS Service Development committee

TEDS has recently formed a Service User group which meets every other Wednesday at 11.30am (Please see contact details below).

The aim of the group is to discuss and analyse the services that are currently provided by TEDS, identify gaps in services and suggest ways in which to improve the delivery methods.

We are looking for individuals who have accessed TEDS services to become more involved in helping to shape those services in the future.

The reason for this is that you, the people who use those services are the best placed people to know and understand what is involved and what is needed.

For further information on the Service Development Committee please contact us:

By Phone: 01685 880090
By E-mail:

All you need to know about service user involvement

What TEDS would like from you

  • Feedback on current services
  • Suggestions for improvement & development
  • Suggestions for new services
  • Participation in recruitment of new staff
  • A source of future volunteers

What you could gain from service user involvement

  • More say in the services you access
  • The opportunity to voice your opinions to a larger audience
  • Increase your self confidence and self esteem
  • Access to volunteering at TEDS
  • More overall involvement in the provisions available

The support you will get from TEDS

  • Reasonable transport costs to meetings refunded
  • All necessary stationery & admin costs will be met by TEDS
  • 3 TEDS buildings for meetings in Aberdare, Pontypridd & Ton Pentre

Any suggestions, opinions or criticisms voiced by the service users will not harm the treatment provided by TEDS workers.


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